Monday, November 18, 2013

Making Chalk looking letters using your November My Creative Scrapbook Creative Kit

I absolutely love the November Creative kit from My Creative Scrapbook.  The kit includes some chalk board style frames that I wanted to use.  For my First Communion layout I wanted to use a frame for my title but my letters were black.  I was temped to grab some spare white letters in my stash (you probably are too).  Although the white letters would work I stuck with my kit and decided to use the letters I had.  In the end I am so happy I did - I couldn't be more please with the look I achieved.

I gathered the letters from the kit, Gesso, a paint brush, and the packaging from the stickers in the kit.  I stuck the letters I was going to use on the packaging and dabbed the Gesso on them until I felt they were well covered.  By dabbing the paint on I could still see some black showing through.

Once the letters were dry I removed from from the packaging and added them to my layout - so cool!

Looking back, my tip would be to use a crafting mat rather than the packaging like I did.  The letters stuck to the plastic more than I had anticipated and they were hard to remove.  I peeled most of the sticky backing off of them and tore one letter in the process.  I had to add adhesive to the letters to use them.  Luckily, I didn't have to redo all the letters!  I'm so thrilled I stuck with my kit and didn't reach for my white letters - my finished product turned out so much cooler and it really wasn't that much more work.  I hope you'll give it a try sometime too.

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